Strategy and planning

We work with corporate, government and not-for-profit organisations to develop clear strategies and practical business plans.

We are experienced working with boards, senior executives and diverse stakeholders to gather their perspectives and turn these into compelling strategies and future actions.

Organisational readiness

We help organisations achieve success and capitalise on opportunities through the thoughtful implementation of strategy.

Our teams work with leaders across a range of sectors to ensure their organisations are ready to implement change and achieve their future goals.

Communication and engagement

We have extensive experience designing and leading major stakeholder engagement programs.

Our consultation programs have national coverage and engage effectively with senior leaders across a range of industries and disciplines.


Our mission

To partner with clients to help them realise their potential and have a positive impact in our community.

Our focus

The world is constantly changing; now faster than ever. This is true regardless of whether we work in the corporate, government or not-for-profit sectors.

Our focus is on working with clients to prepare them for future uncertainty and changing circumstances. We do not believe in simply moving from one static position to another.

We seek to equip clients with the flexibility and tools they need to adapt - putting them on a footing for future success.

Our value proposition

We help our clients realise their potential and deliver impact by providing:
- a strong client focus with tailored solutions
- friendly and engaging consultants
- excellent service delivery, and
- value for money.

Our services

To help our clients realise their potential, Ponda Consulting offers a diverse range of consulting services across three broad areas:
- strategy and planning
- organisational readiness, and
- communication and engagement.

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