How we work

Our mission is to partner with clients to help them realise their potential and have a positive impact in our community

 Our focus

The world is constantly changing; now faster than ever. This is true regardless of whether we work in the corporate, government or not-for-profit sectors.

Our focus is on working with clients to prepare them for future uncertainty and changing circumstances. We do not believe in simply moving from one static position to another.

We seek to equip clients with the flexibility and tools they need to adapt – putting them on a footing for future success.

 Our value proposition

We help our clients realise their potential and deliver impact by providing:
– a strong client focus with tailored solutions
– friendly and engaging consultants
– excellent service delivery, and
– value for money.

 Our services

To help our clients maximise their future potential, Ponda Consulting offers a diverse range of consulting services across three broad areas:
– strategy and planning
– organisational readiness
– communication and engagement


We are committed to connecting with people from all walks of life and seek to have positive influence and lasting impact.

Chris Nightingale, Managing Director

Chris is a management consultant with a strong interest in the future. Specifically, he is focused on how company, government and community leaders interact to harness the opportunities of the future and address associated risks and challenges.

He has 20 years' experience working with government, private sector and not-for-profit clients (in Australia and overseas) on a range of strategic and operational challenges that best position them for future success.

Chris is an experienced strategic thinker and project manager who works closely with his clients to help them make informed and carefully tailored business decisions.

He has a strong track record in the design and implementation of the key building blocks of successful organisations.

Chris works across a wide range of industries including health and human services, education, Defence and intelligence, transport and infrastructure, land use and planning, regulation, ICT, energy and regional development.

Gary Champion, Associate

Gary provides specialist Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations advice and assistance to clients in the Federal, State and Local Government sectors, as well a wide range of private and ‘not for profit’ organisations.

Gary has held senior management positions in the Federal and ACT public sectors, and has worked in ‘Big 4’ international consulting firms focusing on public sector reform and change management.

Gary's company (HBA Consulting) has worked in partnership with Ponda on a number of organisation reviews and design projects.

Karen Edwards, Associate

Karen is an experienced consultant with a background in health service delivery in NSW.

Her experience as a consultant includes:

Evaluation of national, state and local programs, for government and non-government clients and reviews of strategy and policy

Collaborative development of strategic plans and models of practice for government and non-government healthcare organisations

Reviews of service systems in the health and social welfare fields.

Karen has a particular interest in primary health care and co-designed models of service delivery that address social justice and equity for disadvantaged populations.

Karen and Chris have worked together on multiple projects focusing on the design and governance arrangements for organisations in the health sector. They have worked closely with their clients and their stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement and design tailored implementation plans to help them realise their objectives.

“One of our colleagues described you as ‘unicorns’ in your field . . meaning that you provide such unique, careful insights ”